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      Welcome to the lobby and "Home Page" of Your Online Tulsa's Star Newspaper                                      

                                Welcome readers to TulsasStar.com's lobby which is in its second phase of "Lobby Operations 360 (degrees)." Readers can now experience the Southwest portion of our lobby (by clicking Newspaper Features on the menu on the left). As we move towards the Third Phase - the opening of the Northeast section, we'd just like to remind readers that our aim is to give a panoramic view, and by so doing, give first time visitors a feeling of what we are about and will be about in the future.

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Directly on the wall facing you - on the curved screen television, are banner decals representing the different sections contained in each monthly edition. The decal listed first on the Directory is the "Police Blotter," or what some call "mug shots" or "daily arrests record." The blue decal with photo of a portion of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma signals that the reader is in the "T-Town Crime Tablet," a section dedicated to Tulsa serious crime articles. The decal with the yellow bus signals the reader is in the "Chain Pull" section with articles highlighting crime and sentences of those scheduled to be transported to Department of Correction facilities. The decal with three silhouettes is for the section entitled "Where Are They Now?" This section contains articles on criminals at various stages in their movement through the state criminal justice system. The decal on the bottom signals the reader that he or she is in "Tulsa County Crime Time," a section with articles highlighting criminals and their felonious activities throughout Tulsa County. Tulsa's Star's popularity has been, since 1996, based on the premise that just because it's not reported on television or in major print journals, doesn't make an unadvertised crime less important to the community as a whole. And, our stories begin when the investigation ends.

To access recent monthly editions, simply click on to the month(s) shown on the panel to the left. For all remaining back issues, click on "Newspaper Features." To access criminal trial coverage, click on "Courthouse." The Courts building can be seen through the glass door on the right. Thank You For Coming. We Hope You'll Tell Others That Tulsa's Star, established in 1996, is still around and we're online and on time.

Tulsa's Star does not have a recommended age for readership, but readers should be aware that certain stories and trials contain situation(s) and language that is extremely vivid. That's the way it is in the real world. That's the way it is here.

                          Criminals And Victims Come In All Sizes Shapes And Colors.

                                                        We Reflect That Diversity.


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