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AUGUST 2013 HEADLINES: CHAIN PULL: Texas Man Tulsa Rapist Sentenced To Three Life Sentences In Tulsa District Court; WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Convicted Murderer Of William Zachary Denied Recantation of Guilty Plea Life Sentence Sticks; Tulsa’s Star Sharpens Its Coverage Of Preacher’s Home Invasion And Shooting; Miles 20-Year Rape Sentence Could Have Come 7 Months Sooner Had He Gone Along; Judge Dismisses 1s-degree Manslaughter Charge Against Jim Vinson After Learning Of His Death; Deonte Smith Begins 20-Year DOC Sentence For An Assault Rifle Assault On A North Tulsa Occupied Home; T-TOWN CRIME TABLET: Policeman Who Targeted Hispanic Drivers For “Armed Robbery” Given 35-Year DOC Sentence; Two Tulsa Firms Lose Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars To “Trusted” Employee Embezzlement; OHP Trooper Makes Two Felony Drug And Weapons Busts After Ex-Con Speeds Past Headquarters; Mom Puts Two Toddlers Into 7” Of Bath Water And Tells Their Grandma To Let Her Know When They’ve Been There For 12 Minutes; Louisiana Woman Jailed As Accessory To Double South Tulsa 2006 Murders;
TULSA COUNTY CRIME TIME: Broken Arrow Man Missouri Woman Sentenced To State Prison On Numerous Felonies; Tipsy Oakhurst Man Steals Donuts Then Crashes Pontiac In Turley Market Parking Lot; POLICE BLOTTER WITH: Most Wanted, Pump Pirates, Corner; BELOW THE BLOTTER: Out Of State Fugitives And Felonious
Criminal Types Who Have Settled Amongst The Natives But Who Are Now In Tulsa Jail; Domestic Violence Participants, Neither A Dealer Or A User Bee - Four Busted In Apartment Building Meth - Making, Peeping Tom Using Cameras;  Children Safely In DHS Custody Mom Dad Grandma Jailed.





                                                                           Chain Pull - Prisoners Set For Transport To DOC Facilities


Headline: Texas Man Tulsa Rapist Sentenced To Three Life Sentences In Tulsa District Court (One Image). .   A Tulsa County jury went into their deliberations on April 12, 2013, after hearing a woman’s account of her fear of being killed and dismembered after trustingly accompanying a man she thought to be a friend to see his new job site.
  Inside of the jury room the panel had to sort through the sordid details from trial testimony and evidence gleaned from what had occurred on Saturday morning at about 2:15 a.m. on August 25, 2012.
  The defendant in this case, Christopher Alan Cardwell, (5/16/86), was a sex offender out of his home state of Texas, who had not registered as such n Tulsa County. On this day, however, he was on trial for two counts of first-degree rape by force and fear and one count of kidnapping.
  Cardwell found work at a business located in south Tulsa and his job there would have put him in contact with customers who were having automobile mechanical problems at all hours of the day or night. The victim, who described her relationship with the defendant as just an acquaintance, told investigators following the attack that Cardwell had invited her to see where he worked and she agreed to go along.
  She said they drove to an industrial area where he unlocked the gate that led into a lot between buildings.
Once behind the fence, the woman said Cardwell shoved her and then began dragging her to the ground with his hands gripping her neck with such force that she nearly blacked out.
  She told Tulsa Police investigators that she tried to fight back, all the while Cardwell was unwinding blue tape to tie her hands together and tape her mouth. After a while, she said he used his 6’5”, 200 lb. frame to tire her out.
  “I’m not going to chop you up and throw you in the river,” he told her. She said he then raped her vaginally (count one) and anally (count two). She said the tape worked its way off of her mouth allowing her one good scream for help before he stuffed his T-shirt in her mouth.
  The victim said she thought she was going to die there and begged Cardwell not to take her life. She said she continued asking the defendant to stop and take her home - or just let her go.
  As the investigators conducted their interview with the victim they observed “numerous and extensive bruising, strangulation and bite marks” on her.
  When the jury returned to Tulsa District Court Judge Glassco’s courtroom following deliberations, they brought with them convictions on all three counts. On counts one and two, the jurors recommended life without parole, and for the kidnapping, life.
  Then, on May 6th, the judge formally sentenced Cardwell, represented by Greg Graves and Angela Bonilla, to the jury’s recommendations, credited the defendant for time served and charged him $3000 for his defense representation. The state in this matter was represented by Ben Fu and Mary Walters.
  Cardwell requested immediate chain pull, and on July 10, 2013 he entered Davis Correctional Facility in Holdenville where he began serving two concurrent life without parole and one consecutive life sentence(s). 


                                       Where Are They Now? What Part Of The Criminal Justice System Are The Convicted Now In?                                            

Headline: Convicted Murderer Of William Zachary Denied Recantation Of Guilty Plea Life Sentence Sticks (Five Images) And second box contains (Two Images)

  Montre Tremon Brown, (6/22/930, one of the five youths who planned and bungled a home invasion armed robbery resulting in the shooting death of William Zachary, was the first defendant to plead guilty and be sentenced.
  On Monday, January 16, 2012, the five alleged murderers put a plan together earlier that day designed to terrorize Zachary and housemate Sandra Eileen Lee into submissiveness at their residence located at 13328 E. 36th Street.
  Prosecutors maintain the robbery was planned after one or more of the accused had looked into the home and noticed a gun safe. The plan was to return to the home shortly after 8:00 p.m. under the cover of darkness carrying weapons to intimidate the couple into opening the safe and giving up other valuables.
  Deandre Wright, according to witness statements, carried a .32 caliber handgun and Brown was brandishing a baseball bat. Uriah Mitchell (who broke down the back door of the residence), Marquis Powell, and Darrell Johnson’s jobs were to keep a lookout. Two positioned themselves towards the front of the house.
  Although Brown, 18-years-old, at the time, was said to not have made any aggressive moves towards the victims, he was there to witness Wright’s blindly aimed shots blast holes into the face and chest of Zachary. The victim would later succumb to the wounds and die at St. Francis Medical Center.
  Brown, who stands 5’-2” tall and weighs 125lbs, would tell investigators the next day following his arrest, he had “just met” the person whom he accompanied inside the residence, and knew him only by the name of “Brandon.” He said he did not know his last name. Brown said the house was picked because “it looked like it had money.”
  Following their watching 66-year-old Zachary crumble to the floor and the horror on Lee’s face, the two “inside” men fled the crime scene, running straight to Johnson’s house located less than a mile from their victims at 3163 S. 131st East Place. Brown, himself lived in an apartment at 3151 S. 131st East Place.
  Of the five defendants, only Johnson had been previously convicted of a felony.
  As Tulsa Police were en route to the crime scene, an alert neighbor flagged officers down and told them she had observed four Black males run behind a cluster of nearby houses. Within minutes they located four of the five suspects inside of a garage. Only Uriah Mitchell was not among them.
    An acquaintance’s view into Brown’s “perceived” natural temperament written in a letter came to Tulsa District Court Judge Musseman’s attention dated May 23, 2013 and filed by the County Clerk on May 30th, the day of his sentencing. The letter (excerpted by TulsasStar.com), on behalf of the defendant, from Mrs. S. Amprey, stated, “. . . I have had the pleasure knowing Montre for about 13 years. He has always been very respectful and quiet natured. He has always been willing to help with any task that he was capable of performing. He would never bring harm to anyone. His nature is to help and protect and to give his time and talent when asked and needed to provide a positive resolve.
  “I am asking for mercy for Montre’s life. He is a good-natured, loving young man that got involved with people traveling on a negative path. . .”
  After Zachary’s death, reporters swarmed on the small town of Beloit, Kansas to get the reaction to the death of a man who had run owned and operated their ACE Hardware store for 27 years prior to his moving to Tulsa seven months after retiring.
  Not surprisingly, their responses could have been gleaned from those excerpts of Mrs. Amprey’s description of Brown.
  Brown, represented by David Phillips, stood before Judge Musseman on May 30th. The judge accepted the defendant’s guilty plea and promptly sentenced him to life in prison for first-degree felony murder and a consecutive seven years for first-degree burglary. The judge fined Brown a total of $1200 and $300 Victims Compensation Assessment (VCA), plus costs.
  If Montre isn’t paroled on the scheduled date of April 20, 2050, he may well spend more than two times his present age behind prison walls.
  Brown, however, had not given up trying to lessen the burden of his stiff DOC sentence. On July 23rd he returned to David Moss from his cell at DOC’s Lexington facility seeking to have his guilty plea withdrawn. The state, represented by Michelle Keely, maintained that Brown “knowingly and voluntarily” pled guilty to the charges, and on July 29th, the judge denied Brown’s motion.
  The next of this felonious group scheduled to be tried in Judge Musseman’s court is the alleged shooter, Deandre Wright, who is represented by Ron Daniels. His jury trial is scheduled for October 14, 2013.
  The three remaining defendants (all four are in custody) are scheduled to be in court for a hearing on October 18th.


Headline: Tulsa’s Star Sharpens Its Coverage Of Preachers’ Home Invasion And Shooting (Five Images). . When Tulsa’s Star originally touched upon this major story concerning the attempted murder or shooting with intent to kill the Rev. Kenneth Brooks in his north Tulsa home, our focus was on just one of the five men being held for the crime.
  Markedrik “Milk” Wilson, the focus of a trio of articles appearing in the October edition of Tulsa’s Star that included a section where he allegedly broke into Brooks’ home located at 2730 N. Denver, but that act was not the gist of the articles.
  Of the five men, all of whom brandished handguns during the Brooks’ home invasion that occurred shortly after 2:00 a.m. that Tuesday morning, Markedrik was the only one unmasked.
  What makes that point stand out is that a witness inside the home at the time of the break-in and the subsequent shooting of Brooks; the state’s eye-witness to the event, according to court records, is Wilson’s sister, Sha’vell Hawkins. Hawkins is also the cousin to a second robbery suspect, Cedric “Moan” Wilson.
  According to what Hawkins told investigators, Cedric grabbed her by the hair and told her to “get out of the house!”
  Editor’ Note: To learn more about Sha’vell Hawkins, please go to October 2012 Edition in Newspaper Features. Once there, read about how all family relationships were not revealed in the article that revolved around Markedrik’s felonious exploits, entitled: “Suspect Beats Ex-Girlfriend In Front Of Son Drives Nephew To Rob Uncle At Gunpoint And Threatens Lives of Teen (Sha’vell Hawkins) And Her Grandmother.” . . Hawkins as a witness to Markedrik’s exploits on June 29, 2012, during an armed robbery of the wife of Wanda J‘s son and Broken Arrow restaurant manager, adds another dimension to her eye witness account of the Brook’s shooting. . .
    And, the witness was able to identify the three other suspects as: Rondale Boyd (He allegedly shot Brooks once in the chest), “Freeze,” who we later learned is Tyrell Lajuan Cooper; and Joeiune Deonte “Tycoon” Nelson.
    Wilson wasn’t the only one of the five suspects involved in the Brooks’ shooting who was engaging in other criminal activity leading up to the Brooks’ caper.
  Joeiune Nelson, (4/1/91), on July 29th at approximately 2:35 was,  along with two unidentified suspects accused of entering an occupied apartment located at 7432 E. 48th Street for the purpose of armed robbery.
  The suspects, later identified by the victims as three Black males, shared at least one semi-automatic handgun, held by a suspect with a large mole on his face and twisted hair. On August 1st, Nelson was picked out of a photo lineup viewed by the victims and said to be the one brandishing the weapon and subsequently, pistol-whipping some of them.
  Nelson and company’s robbery victims were: Kelly Joosten, Sean Medina, Kelli Rush, Anthony Louis Estrada, Brandon Cummings and Melody Miller.
  But on October 22, 2012, the state, in a surprise move and without publishing an explanation, dropped all four counts associated with Nelson’s role in the robbery of the abovementioned victims.
  Nelson, although far removed from the eastside robbery, found himself being arrested July 31st, at a residence one arrest report called his located at 4837 N. Wheeling. The structure was searched by Tulsa Police, and items possibly taken in the east Tulsa armed robbery were discovered.
  As it turned out, Wilson, the investigators’ first priority in the Brooks’ shooting case, had fled from their arrest attempt and was not to be found at his stepfather’s residence; the place he had given for sex-offender registration, 2708 N. Denver. They did, with the help of Hawkins, locate him at 4837 N. Wheeling.
  Arrest records are somewhat sketchy as to when and where Nelson and Cooper were arrested, but according to the police affidavit, Nelson and Cooper were “stopped and arrested” at 4837 N. Wheeling,  while they focused on capturing Wilson at that location.
 Wilson, who has had his “chain pulled” more than 20 times, was not easy to dislodge from the residence. It would be several hours before a SWAT team could arrest him and with a warrant search the premises.
  While inside David Moss, Nelson has found his share of trouble. On May 1st at 8:00 a.m. he assaulted a detention guard, for which, Tulsa County Judge Clark sentenced him to four years, credited him for time served, fined him $500, assessed him $250 for victims’ compensation, and court costs.
  He now has another case pending from a second add-on charge of bringing contraband into Tulsa Jail on July 5th. The contraband was a metal shank
  Regarding the Brooks’ case, all five defendants have legal representation and will present their client’s case before Tulsa District Court Judge Kellough at a jury trial now scheduled for October 14th.
  The alleged shooter, Boyd, is represented by Jerry Truster; Cooper, by Scott Goode and Clay Ijams; Nelson, by Michael Manning; Cedric Wilson, by Jill Webb; and Markedrik, by Goode and Ijams.
  The state in this matter is represented by Erik Grayless.



Headline: Mile's 20-Year Rape Sentence Could Have Come 7 Months Sooner Had He Gone Along (One Image) . . Back on November 5th, Isaac Dwayne Miles, 23, represented by Zachary Young, appeared before Tulsa District Court Judge Musseman, charged with first-degree rape. At this hearing the state, represented by Stuart Erickson, reaffirmed its recommendation to Miles that he accept a deal where he would be sentenced to 20 years for the crime, but would only spend 15 years behind prison walls, with five years suspended. However, the nature of the crime warrants that he must serve 85% of the 15 years behind bars before becoming eligible for parole.
  Then, on June 12th, as the jury was about to be impaneled, Miles, still represented by Zachary Young and additionally, Lora Smart, entered a plea of guilty. Judge Musseman accepted the plea and promptly sentenced the defendant to the same prison/suspended terms the prosecution had offered seven months earlier. Additionally, however, Miles was fined $600 and $150 towards the VC assessment fund.
  Miles was not (immediately) credited for time served.
  The attack occurred at about 1:00 p.m. on June 6, 2012. Police showed the 21-year-old rape victim a photo lineup and she positively identified Miles, having previously pointed him out to her mother at the crime scene. The victim, her mother told Tulsa Police, is “developmentally delayed,” and that she had been raped anally and vaginally by Miles at his apartment, located at 2218 E. 59th Street.
  The victim, whom the mother said has the mind of a child, found herself inside Miles’ apartment with him and two other people, who would later become witnesses to the start of the incident.
  She said Miles pushed her into his bedroom and removed her pants and panties before forcing himself on her. She said he forced himself into her anus and then, her vagina, as she protested and attempted to push him away, telling him, “I don’t want to do this!’
  Miles was placed in custody and taken to Tulsa Police Headquarters to be interviewed. He waived his right to have an attorney present prior to telling investigators his side of the story. As it turned out, his story was the same as the victim’s.
  Police also interviewed the two witnesses who were inside the apartment at the time the rape occurred, who said they saw Miles push the woman into his bedroom and close the door.
  Miles was arrested and charged with vaginal and anal rape. Bond was set at $50,000 on each count.



Headline: Judge Dismisses 1st-Degree Manslaughter Charges Against Jim Vinson After Learning Of His Death (Two Images). . On June 11, 2012, the occasion of their first courtroom encounter, Tulsa District Court Judge Musseman told 78-year-old defendant Jim Ernest Vinson, (4/11/34), standing before him, that his bond was conducive on him not being around alcoholic beverages or places where alcohol was sold or consumed.
  It was Vinson’s drinking and driving that caused the death of 29-year-old Sheron Armstead  on April 18, 2012 and the injury of two others riding in her vehicle, one critically.
  The case that had wound its way through the court system over the past year came to an abrupt halt on March 7, 2013, after the judge learned of the 79-year-old man’s death. Judge Musseman dismissed all charges - and they were substantial.
  Vinson passed on March 2, 2013 and home-going services were held March 9, 2013, Biglow Funeral Directors, presiding.
    Vinson was charged with first-degree manslaughter, driving under the influence causing great bodily harm, driving under the influence causing personal injury, speeding, driving left of center, and driving without headlights. Vinson entered a plea of not guilty on April 26th, before Tulsa District Court Judge Hiddle, who set his bond was set at $56,700.
  It was around 8:30 p.m. that fateful night, when Vinson, northbound on North Cincinnati Avenue, crossed the center line and hit the oncoming vehicle head-on in the darkness. The headlights switch inside his 2000 Mercury Sable, police investigators found, was not turned on. Armstead and the other passengers were obstructed in their view of the road as they followed a truck, until the truck driver swerved to avoid Vinson’s vehicle in the 3500 block. Once the truck was out of the way, there was no time for the driver to react.
  Tulsa Police Officer Gangart quoted Vinson at the scene as saying, “I had a sip of vodka before the accident.”


Headline: Deonte Smith Begins 20-Year DOC Sentence For An Assault Rifle Assault On A North Tulsa Occupied Home (Two Images Smith & AK-74 assault rifle). . Readers may recall a T-Town Crime Tablet article that told of the arrest of two young men who had driven into a north Tulsa neighborhood on September 21, 2012 at 10:30 p.m. and began firing a high-powered weapon into a house occupied by five people.
  Tulsa Police Officers were in close proximity of where the shots were being fired. So close, in fact, that they heard and counted 15 shots coming from what sounded like a rifle.
  Once the vehicle was spotlighted and pulled over at 5100 N. Johnstown and two of the vehicle’s occupants, Jarvis V. Prince of 709 N. Indianwood Avenue in Broken Arrow, and Deonte R. Smith of 540 E. 42nd Street North were in constraints following a “felony takedown“, officers searched the vehicle for the weapon.
  The weapon, an AK-74 assault rifle, was laying in plain sight on the backseat and the pungent smell of gunpowder wafted in the air. The serial number on the weapon revealed that the gun, that was still chamber loaded, had been stolen out of Creek County.
   After Smith, (7/16/93), was read his rights, he cooperated with the officers and said he was the person who fired the weapon from the window of  his SUV into a house that he knew was occupied.
  On March 28, 2013, Smith, represented by Steve Hightower, stood before Tulsa District Court Judge Gillert and waived his right to trials before entering a guilty plea to all charges. He had been charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon (A&BWDW), discharging a weapon into a building and possession of a controlled drug.
  The judge accepted Smith’s plea and promptly sentenced him to 20 years on count one and 10 years in DOC custody for firing the weapon into the dwelling. Smith was also fined a total of $925, $225 for victims’ compensation assessment (VCA), and court costs. The state in this matter was represented by Kevin Gray.
  Smith entered Lawton Correctional Facility on May 20, 2013. He is slated to return to Tulsa District Court for a judicial review in Judge Gillert’s court on March 4, 2014. The twenty year sentence on count one is an 85% sentence.
  Prince’s case is moving slowly through the system. Represented by Kevin Adams, the next hearing on his case is scheduled for November 4th.





                                                                                     The T-Town Crime Tablet - Felony Local Crime



Headline: Policeman Who Targeted Hispanic Drivers For "Armed Robbery" Given 35-Year DOC Sentence (One Image). . Marvin Blades Jr. 38, the son of a retired Tulsa Police patrolman, was convicted in Tulsa District Court August 8th, on four counts of robbery (of Hispanics) with a firearm or dangerous weapon. He was accused of using his position as a policeman to steal their money after pulling them over for what was suppose to look like an official traffic stop.
  Blades, with private defense counsel, opted to have his case heard sans a Tulsa County jury. Instead, choosing to have a Tulsa District Court Judge hear the case.
  On August 7th, after the first court hearing, Judge Gillert had Blades, who had been out on $25,000 bond, placed under arrest and booked into Tulsa Jail.
  The judge did not delay sentencing. Promptly after the trial ended the afternoon of the 8th, he sentenced the defendant to 35 years in DOC custody.
  According to Tulsa District Court records, Blades first began feloniously abusing the privileges of being a Tulsa Police officer back in 2011. That’s when the department first learned of the shakedowns. The majority of these stops for theft occurred in 2011, but four cases were documented in 2012. In all, 12 cases detailing the actions of a renegade Black patrolman were reported, with the most recent incident taking place on June 10, 2012.
  Most of the victims who reported the thefts did not know they had been robbed until some point after Blades had driven away. In some instances he allegedly would tell them to leave their purse or wallet inside the vehicle, and then take their money while they were standing away from their vehicle. Other times he would removed their wallets from their back pockets - then put them back - less the lion’s share or all of their hard earned cash.
  One victim, who allegedly witnessed Blades taking money from his wallet, said he asked the officer if he would just leave him enough money to get gasoline, and was flatly told, “No!”
  The June 10th case is count one, where Juvencio Espinosa reported that he was stopped by Blades at about 12:45 a.m. at 1500 N. Atlanta Court.

  Blades, driving a white patrol vehicle, had lit him up with his overhead lights to get him to stop. The victim was ordered to place his hands on the back of his vehicle while Blades lifted his wallet from his back pocket, then returned it to the pocket. Blades then had the victim sit in his patrol car where he talked to him for a moment before letting him go free. When Espinosa arrived home he discovered Blades had not let him go for free, as he was missing $560 of construction job earnings from his wallet. The victim, on June 12th was shown a six-person photo lineup by Tulsa Police Detective Gamboa and Cpl. Stout, and pointed to photo number three - Officer Marvin Blades Jr.
  The last time Blades rousted and robbed someone, the victim turned out to an undercover state narcotics agent from whom Blades stole $600 in marked bills. Blades was arrested and later released from Tulsa Jail after posting a $25,000 bond through JB Patterson. 


Headline: Two Tulsa Firms Lose Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars To "Trusted" Employee Embezzlement (Two Images). . Embezzlement is a crime that in Tulsa County seems to have an everlasting supply of perpetrators, and when examining amounts of cold, hard cash taken by trusted employees of local firms, the sky seems to be the limit.
  There are enough newsworthy embezzlement cases that have entered the criminal justice system over the past few months, and they could easily fill this section, without reporting any other felony cases.
  For example, there is this case; that of Gildardo I. “Gil” Guillen, (10/15/89), of 192 N. Florence Avenue, a residence he shares with his mother, Maria.
  Guillen, for more than a year, was employed at North Carolina Furniture Mart in South Tulsa as the store’s trusted office manager, that is until he did a disappearing act.
  When Gildardo stopped showing up for work on March 14, 2012, administrators of the NCFM, Jeri Borner and Kristi Johnson also noticed that one of their business credit cards was missing. They did, however, find the Visa card’s last statement, and listed on it were several unauthorized charges.
  Bank of America, issuers of the company’s Master Card and Visa responded to Borner and Johnson’s inquiries, showing Guillen allegedly made 334 transactions on the Quik Trip account for a total of $13, 251, 118 transactions on the company Visa, totaling $13,093.92, and 35 transactions on another company card that totaled $4,499.44.
  Tulsa Police detectives investigating the Guillen transactions, also found early into their investigation that he had used the cards for unauthorized purchases at Target and Humble Performance.
  The case was filed by the District Attorney’s Office in Tulsa County District Court on April 19th of this year.
  Two months prior to the DA’s initial filing of the North Carolina Furniture Mart case, Guillen’s criminal exploits had moved beyond the white collar world. The Mexican transplant was arrested on the afternoon of Valentines Day by Tulsa Police Officer Ward for being in possession of a stolen blue and white Yamaha R6 motorcycle and possessing a firearm in commission of the crime. The motorcycle had been stolen from Tyler Paul Harmon.
  As investigators widened their investigation of Guillen, they discovered in his possession a 1995 Acura Integra. It too had been stolen February 14th from Robert Allen Klarr.

  In an unrelated embezzlement case
filed June 14th in Tulsa County District Court by the DA’s Office, the amount embezzled by the Treasure Electronics store office bookkeeper is $49,080.36. Treasure is located at 3129 E. 58th Street.
  Brittany Del Espinoza, 29, of Inola, was entrusted with the treasure hunting equipment firm’s financial records and other business properties, according to court records.
  As part of her duties Espinoza conducted credit card transactions for the business, but as in most embezzlement cases, business transactions became personal transactions.
  By the time her “forced postings” of credits to her personal account from the store’s own terminal - from May 11, 2012 through August 13, 2012 were discovered by the store’s owner, Espinoza had paid herself a total of 51 times.
  Once her embezzlement scheme had been exposed, she did, however, promise to repay what she had stolen. That, of course, did not happen and that’s how she ended up in Tulsa Jail on July 21st.


Headline: OHP Trooper Makes Two Felony And Weapons Busts After Ex-Con Speeds Past Headquarters (Two Images) . . Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Callicoat was driving just west of OHP’s Tulsa HQ when he spotted a 2000 white, four-door Audi exiting the highway at Memorial and Skelly Drive doing 63 mph on a 40 mph off-ramp.
  The trooper made a traffic stop on Memorial at Skelly Drive and discovered Chester Lee Hobbs Jr., 33,  and passenger Allyson  Geneva Gregory, 25, inside the vehicle.
  The vehicle itself might have gotten the attention of law enforcement had Hobbs not been speeding, as it had an improper tag affixed.
  Hobbs, who appeared to be under the influence was eventually charged with DUI, but the trooper also found more than 20 grams of methamphetamine, paraphernalia, and a .380 caliber handgun in his passenger’s possession (AFCF), as well as physically in the possession of Gregory who is also AFCF. She would eventually be booked into Tulsa Jail on that charge alone.
  But the trooper was not finished with Hobbs. Besides the aforementioned charges, Hobbs, a native of Mexico, was found to be driving under suspension (DUS), maintaining a vehicle where drugs are kept or sold, and failure to affix a tax stamp to his meth stash. All totaled, Hobbs’ bond was more than $122,000, and Gregory’s bond was $10,000
  Both Hobbs and Gregory were released on bond. He was back on the street on June 10th and she came out on June 28th.
  Also involved in this case is Alphonso Trujillo. He is charged with possession of a CD with intent to distribute. A warrant was issued for his arrest on August 7th and it carries a $3000 bond.




Headline: Mom Puts Two Toddlers Into 7" Of Bath Water And Tells Their Grandma To Let her Know When They've Been There For 12 Minutes (One Image). . Bath time for toddlers can result in serious accidental injury or death for an unfortunate few. Most times the cause of injury is attributed to accidental causes, but not always. Take for example the case of 13-month -old Avery Rhotenberry.  Her mother Makayla Linay Rhotenberry, aka Wheeler, (8/11/91), had on May 22nd, placed the child in the bathtub with her two-year-old sister, turned on the water and then left the room to go begin cooking the evening meal in the kitchen. The kitchen happened to be located 35 feet from the two girls.
  Moments later, she returned to turn off the water after it had risen to seven inches, but again left the girls unattended while she went to attend to the meat she had begun browning, and from there it was on to the bedroom where she intended to lay out the girl’s bed clothes.
  According to the Tulsa Police Detective’s probable cause affidavit, Rhotenberry entered the bedroom at the same time as her two-year-old who was exiting the bathroom. Rhotenberry told the investigator that she immediately looked into the bathroom and saw Avery laying face down in the water at the faucet end of the tub.
  Her mom, Paula King, was also inside of the apartment located at 7334 S. Memorial, and Rhotenberry called for her to help with Avery as she began calling 911.
  King said in an interview with investigators that she had taken the girls clothing off to prepare them for bathing. She said once the girls were undressed, their mom came in and “scooped” Avery up and led her sister to the bathroom. Once the girls were in the tub, Makayla walked back to the bedroom door and asked King to let her know “when it has been 12 minutes.” It was 7:05 p.m.
  King said at some point prior to the 12 minutes passing, she heard a splash, then her daughter’s voice, “Mom, something is wrong with Avery.”
  The grandmother said her granddaughter’s lips were blue and her body was “floppy.”
  After placing the call to 911, one of the women went down the hall to get the help of someone knowledgeable of CPR, and were able to perform CPR and keep the baby alive until paramedics arrived and whisked her away to St Francis Medical Center.
  Under the care of Dr. Jennifer Jenkins, MD, Avery lasted nearly 48 hours after being taken out of the bathtub. Death came at 6:56 p.m. on May 24th, after being taken off of life support at 5:30 p.m.
  An autopsy was performed by Dr. Lanter, the Medical Examiner the following day and from his findings an arrest warrant for Rhotenberry was issued with a $25,000 bond by Tulsa County Judge Clark on July 19th.
  Rhotenberry was arrested and booked into Tulsa Jail on July 11, charged with 2nd-degree manslaughter. She bonded out the following day.


Headline: Louisiana Woman Jailed As Accessory To Double South Tulsa 2006 Murders (Three Images) . . Jacqueline O. Smith, (5/4/77), was arrested and booked into Tulsa Jail July 12th, after 7 ½ years of carrying the burden of allegedly knowing of the killings and aiding the man for whom she had deep affection who allegedly stabbed and murdered two women in their south Tulsa residence. The murders of Linda Louise Wright, 45, and Dorothy Lindley, 60, took place between January 1st and January 4, 2006 at the women’s apartment located in the Warwick Apartments at 2525 E. 51st Street.
  According to Dr. Andrew Sibley, MD, from the office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Wright died as a result of sharp force wounds and Lindley died as a result of stab wounds of the neck.
  Reportedly, Smith’s love interest at the time of the killings and the man behind the weapons that killed the two women, Hilliard A. Fulgham II, is serving time in another state.
  Smith, who listed her address as 3408 Angelique, Violet, LA, is charged with two counts of accessory to murder in the first degree. 



                                                                                                 Tulsa County Crime Time - Felony Crimes County-Wide  


Headline: Broken Arrow Man Missouri Woman Sentenced To State Prisons On Numerous Felonies (Two Images). . Richi Keith McHenry, (5/11/78) of 517 E. Madison Street in Broken Arrow and his friend Jessica Leah Billings, (9/6/79), a transplant to Tulsa from Springfield, Missouri, had themselves an ongoing party - at least for a short while.
  The duo stole themselves a vintage 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix from Calvary Motors and carried with them a stash of methamphetamine, marijuana and all of the paraphernalia they needed to help in their acquisitions of stolen property and accelerate their highs.
  When Tulsa Police Officers Goben and Criner rolled up on them at 3229 S. 130th East Avenue, at 3:30 a.m. the morning of March 28th, they had had possession of the Grand Prix for three hours. It was, however, enough time for them to amass several stolen items that the officers found in the vehicle.
  Prior to being booked into Tulsa Jail at 9:30 a.m., the pair was charged with four counts of knowingly receiving and concealing stolen property (KRCSP), possession of a stolen vehicle (PSV), possession of meth, possession of burglary implements, possession of paraphernalia, and possession of marijuana.
  As the charges against Billings and McHenry were being sorted out, investigators discovered two more  stolen items that would be added to the list initially compiled when they were arrested. One of which was a Panasonic “Tough-book,” taken from Byron Williams.
  Before charging them, however, authorities had to re-arrest them in custody on April 4th.
  On April 26th when Billings, at her preliminary hearing, entered a guilty plea to crimes they were charged, and on August 2nd when McHenry entered his guilty plea prior to his preliminary before Tulsa District Court Judge Kellough, there were a total of eleven charges. The codefendants pled guilty to six counts of KRCSP (Billings seven counts), PSV, possession of methamphetamine, unlawful possession of a controlled drug 2nd, and possession or selling paraphernalia while using a motor vehicle.
  After Billings waived her right to a preliminary hearing and trials, Tulsa County Judge Clark sentenced her to a total of ten years in DOC custody with the first six (until January 5, 2019) behind bars and four years (until April 2023) on probation, and fines, fees and costs. She is serving her sentence at Dr. Eddie Warrior Correctional Center in Taft. She was represented by Stephanie Singer, and for the state, Mat Kehoe.
   McHenry’s sentences, handed him by Judge Kellough after he waived his preliminary and right to trials, total eight concurrent years in DOC custody on all counts but one (a year in Tulsa Jail). The defendant, also assessed fines, fees and costs, but was also credited with time served and earned. Richi was represented by Shena Burgess and for the state, Amanda Self.


Headline: Tipsy Oakhurst Man Steals Donuts Then Crashes Pontiac In Turley Market Parking Lot (One Image). . David Clayton Lewis, 29, of 6005 W. 60th Street in Oakhurst, found himself booked into Tulsa Jail back on April 4th. He was charged with APC of a motor vehicle while intoxicated, child endangerment, and petite larceny.
  Tulsa County Sheriff’s Deputy Anderson was dispatched to the Warehouse Market located at 6230 N. Peoria in Turley at about 6:22 p.m. in reference to an intoxicated man with a child in the car who had crashed the Pontiac Grand Am he was driving into an occupied vehicle in the parking lot of the store.
  Perhaps, it was the stolen box of donuts Lewis grabbed in the store that hastened his departure and along with being impaired contributed to the accident.
  Turley is located miles away from Oakhurst, but Lewis’ girlfriend and young child lived in close vicinity to the grocery store.
  Lewis was arrested and booked into Tulsa Jail two hours afterwards. The child endangerment charge carries with it a $25,000 bond.






                                                                         Police Blotter - Mug-shots Of Lawbreakers, Their Crime, Date Of Booking, etc.

                                                              With A Daily Tally Of DUI Arrests & Blotter EXTRAS: Sideline vignettes of certain criminals


                                                                             Police Blotter Abbreviations: List Of Abbreviations For Certain Crimes




















WELCOME TO BELOW THE BLOTTER: No Tellin' What You Might Find Down Here. . .

Out Of State Fugitive & Felonious Criminal Types Who Have Settled Amongst The Natives, But Who Are Now In Tulsa Jail . .

July was a very busy month for state, county and local law enforcement as they arrested fugitives from across the United States who had sought cover from capture in local neighborhoods. Some of those captured were not content with finding shelter and employment in those communities while on the run. Their felonious fugitive criminal status was discovered only after they had broken local laws or ordinances .


Fugitives From Justice Found Living In Tulsa County With (Three Header boxes each containing 8 - 8 & 6 Images)
Arrested July 29, 2013
Brandon Markel Porterfield: 1/29/85, 1731 E. 31st Pl., Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Collin Co., TX.
Darrell Lynn Sasser: 5/30/93, 4723 E. 80th #10-C, Chg: Poss. MJ & para, fugitive from justice, wanted in Grady Co., TX.
Michael Shane Rash: 12/30/89, 512 W. Gary, BA, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Wood Co., TX.
Arrested July 28, 2013
Vernon Stanley Majors: 11/16/54, 9332 S. 85th E. Ave. Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted by California DOC.
Arrested July 26, 2013
Demario Smart: 9/10/94, 5305 E. Marshall, Chg: Poss. MJ, fugitive from justice, wanted in Sedgwick Co., KS.
Robert Damien Covington: 2/21/85, 8024 E. 4th Pl., Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Escambida Co., Florida.
Arrested July 24, 2013
Charlie Edward Mallard: 7/3/75, 616 N. Washington, SS, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted by Texas DOC.
Brandon Renor Brown: 12/27/87, 437 E. Ute: Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted by Texas DOC.
Arrested July 23, 2013
Trina S. Kirk: 7/7/83, 1363 E. 38th, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in San Francisco, CA.
Arrested July 20, 2013
Kenneth Dewayne Buckley: 8/14/83, homeless, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted by CA. DOC, false impersonation, A&B on police AFCF, obstructing justice.
Autumn Lawrence: 3/7/92, 2700 N. 7th, BA, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Rendell Co., TX, Four cts KCSP, two cts uttering forged instrument.

Arrested July 19, 2013
Jeffery Scott Hale: 2/17/68, 1339 N. Sheridan Rd., Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Jasper Co., Mo.
Tracy Renee Cherry: 12/11/87, 10155 E. 32nd, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Pulaski Co., Arkansas.
Arrested July 19, 2013
Brione Ranelle Gray: 6/2/90, 2149 W. Jasper, BA, Chg: Poss. MJ w/intent, fugitive from justice, wanted in Randal Co., TX.
Arrested July 18, 2013
Taneshia Louise Allee: 5/11/76, homeless, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Buchanan Co. Mo.
Arrested July 16, 2013
Jason Michael Newell: 4/16/81, 2426 E. 1st, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Hopkins Co., TX.

Arrested July 15, 2013                                                                                                Headline 2nd Box: Tulsa Domestic Violence Arrests (Two Images)

Danny Gordon Franklin: 1/23/63, 312 W. Oak, Collinsville, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted by Arkansas Board of Parole.
Arrested July 13, 2013
Christopher Lee Miles: 7/28/87, homeless, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted by CA. DOC.
Arrested July 12, 2013
Eddie Lamont Stallings: 6/8/90, 6264 S. Quincy, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Dallas Co., TX.
Arrested July 11, 2013
Elizabeth Barnett: 5/13/64, 1616 S. Norfolk, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Louisiana.
Shurland De Haarte: 10/2/74, 60 E. 93rd, Brooklyn, NY, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in New York.


Headline: Children Safely In DHS Custody Mom Dad And Grandma Jailed (Three Images). . When Tulsa Police officers went to a home located at 1259 N. 76th East Ave., to check on the welfare of three minor children, they immediately came across the hazard of broken car glass on the driveway. The windows on an old Chevrolet parked near the house had been smashed resulting in a great deal of sharp debris.
When the occupants opened the door to greet them several cockroaches also scurried to greet them, or perhaps, to abandon the house themselves.
  As their eyes adjusted to the interior lighting, officers were appalled to see clusters of cockroaches, swarms of fleas crawling and hovering over uncontained garbage, feces, and soiled used diapers. A loud humming sound was coming from the bathroom, that turned out to be hundreds, if not thousands of houseflies.
  As they made their way to the children, the officers noticed electrical hazards and other unsafe conditions that made the scene even more deplorable.
Once they had possession of the two boys and girl ages two, three, and five, they found that they were un-bathed and had numerous open sores.
  Reportedly, as the adults sat watching television, the man of the house, Matthew Prior, was quoted as saying, “The house is not as bad as it appears.”
Arrested  and held on $50,000 bond for each of three counts were:
Matthew Davidson Prior: 12/12/85, 1259 N. 76th E. Ave., Chg: Three cts child abuse/neglect, six municipal traffic warrants, booked 8/6/13
Angela Marie Prior: 1/6/92, 1259 N. 76th E. Ave., Chg: Three cts child abuse/neglect, obstructing police, booked 8/7/13
Janet Marie Friend: 3/5/56, 1259 N. 76th E. Ave., Chg: Three counts child abuse, unvaccinated cat/dog, booked 8/8/13.