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HEADLINES FOR SEPTEMBER 2013 EDITION: T-TOWN CRIME TABLET: With Its Leader Disgraced For Sexual Assault Of Minor Daughter Will Daycare Church And The Zion Plaza CDBG Experience Survive The Trauma?; Kramer’s 2012 Light Sentence For Embezzlement Has Grown Much Heavier; Double Murder Case Can Proceed In Court With Both Suspects Jailed; Tree Trimmer’s Actions With “Wayward” Youth Gets Him Planted In Tulsa Jail; Rapist Gets Comfy With Victim And She Gets Away; Dad Takes Over Daughter’s Family And Makes Them His Sex Objects; “A Better Name For This Building And Its Concept Than Generation Of Destiny Could Never Be Found; Armed Robbery Of Mother And Daughter Lands Two Of Three Suspects In Tulsa Jail’ $600 Bill Payment Made At North Tulsa Payment Center Used As “Getaway” Money For Disgruntled Cashier; Victim Allegedly Demands $10,000 Payment To Drop Charges Against Accused Armed Robbers; CHAIN PULL: No Show For Drug Testing May Have Stiffened Casey’s Prison Sentence; Jury Hands Bryant 99-Year Sentence For Lewd Molestation; Harris To Serve Four For Fighting Lawmen At Comanche; WHERE ARE THEY NOW?: Trip Back Before Judge Gets Convicted Murderer A Reduced Sentence; Walgreen’s Armed Robbers Guilty With One In Prison One Awaiting Chain Pull And The Third Awaiting Sentencing; White Sentenced To Prison Term For Strong Armed Robbery Of Elderly Woman At North Pointe’s Bank Of America; Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs And Alcohol Caused Crash Resulting In Death Of Amanda Perez And Prison Term For Stormey Jordan; Dandridge Leaves Harp For Reunion At Armed Robbery Trial; TULSA COUNTY CRIME TIME: Adopted Girls Easy Prey For Adopting Daddy; POLICE BLOTTER: Coverage of More Than 300 Booked Into Tulsa Jail; BELOW THE BLOTTER: No TELLIN’ WHAT YOU MIGHT FIND DOWN HERE: Fugitives Justice In Other States Found Living In Tulsa County. . . Lucky Starzenstuff And Tulsa’s Star house pooch Chance, Celebrate September’s Special Days.



                                                                                   The T-Town Crime Tablet - Felony Local Crime   




Headline: With Its Leader Disgraced For Sexual Abuse Of Minor Daughter Will Daycare Church And The Zion Plaza CDBG Experience Survive The Trauma? (Two Images). . It must have been a terrible shock in so many ways for a pastor, businessman, entrepreneur, daycare operator, husband, and father of five children (excluding the victim) under the age of 12, to be uprooted  from the sphere of gratification he had built for himself.
  And uprooted he was. The young victim became pregnant and with the pregnancy came the proof she needed to go to authorities and tell her story. A story that without the community knowing the half of it, was enough to shock all of north Tulsa.
  On June 20th, the girl, now 15, told her story to Tulsa Police investigators. She reported that her biological father, the brother of a once popular north side minister, Nico Padillow, had been having vaginal intercourse with her ever since she came to live with him, his wife, and her younger siblings at their home in the 1800 block of North Xenophon in April, 2012. The youngest of Hawkins’ five other children was four-years-old when would be victim moved in.
  It was at the home where the girl, whom we’ll call Karen said she and Reverend Greg Hawkins began engaging in all out sex.
  When sex in the home wasn’t an option, Karen told investigators they’d frequent the Holiday Inn Express behind the McDonalds on Gilcrease Museum Road. The Express’ manager, Angela Mobley appears on a list of those who might testify - as to what she may have or had not seen regarding the father and daughter‘s visits.
  But the daycare center in the Zion Business Plaza, located at 612 E. 46th Street North, next door to Hawkins’ church, was always an option and she said they had sex there numerous times. She said they had a couple of locations along River Parks that they frequented quite often in Hawkins’ black Chevrolet Suburban. She said her dad would oftentimes perform oral sex on her and she would perform oral sex on him. Continued. . .



                                                  The Cutline Reads In The Box Above (Three Images). . The downtown Holiday Inn (l) and the Gilcrease Museum Rd.

                                                  Holiday Inn Express were just two of the locations Reverend Gregory Hawkins frequented with his 14-year-old daugh-

                                                  ter. The Holiday Inn, located at #17 W. 7th Street is where the now 15-year-old mom-to-be said she became pregnant

                                                  with her father's child. The tall buiding behind the Holiday Inn is the Bank of America Tower. History buffs might be

                                                  interested to know that the BOA stands on ground once occupied by the "1921" Tulsa Courthouse.

  Six months into her pregnancy and ten days before going to authorities, Karen clandestinely recorded “pre-text” phone calls with the reverend, in which she got him to say that he was sorry for having sex with her. He said in so many words that he was sexually attracted to her because she’s “very sexy, attractive and beautiful.” She asked her dad if he enjoyed all those times with her and he said he did. Karen turned the recordings over to the investigators and the reverend was arrested at 36th Street North and the Tisdale Expressway by the TPD Fugitive Warrants squad at 3:30 p.m. on June 24th.
  Hawkins chose not to answer questions without his attorney present, and was transported and booked into Tulsa Jail on one count of sexual abuse of a minor with a bond of $50,000, which he paid and was released the same day.
  That was the pound of flesh that city investigators wanted from Hawkins at the time of the first arrest. However, the folks in Pawhuska, the county seat for Osage County - the county in which the Hawkins family resides, well, they wanted more.
  On July 29th, US Marshalls arrested Hawkins for the citizens of Osage County. They wanted him jailed for having sex with a minor in his Osage County home.
  After 21 days in Tulsa Jail with another five counts of child sexual abuse added to the original, Hawkins, represented by James Maier, was released from Tulsa Jail by Judge Miller, after having his bond changed to reflect $50,000 for each additional charge. The defendant is scheduled to be arraigned on September 16th. Tulsa’s Star will update this article if needed.


Headline: Kramer’s 2012 Light Sentence For Embezzlement Has Grown Much Heavier (One Image). . Readers might also recall an article we first ran in Tulsa’s Star’s May 2012 edition about Kimberly Kaye Kramer, who was midway into her journey through the criminal justice system for embezzling $1.9 million from her brother Dan Roberts hiring firm, Premiere Staffing Inc.
  In the June 2013 edition in an article entitled “$2 Million Embezzlement From Family Firm Gets Kimberly K. Kramer A Proverbial Slap On The Wrist,” Tulsa’s Star followed up on the story.
  On September 17th, at the behest of the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office, Kramer was arrested by a Tulsa Police Officer and booked into Tulsa Jail at 6:20 p.m. on an application to accelerate her five-year deferred sentence, given her by Tulsa District Court Judge Caputo on October 1, 2012. The judge sentenced her after she admitted stealing $1,789,922,93.
  The District Attorney’s impetus for the application to accelerate was caused when the 52-year-old Kramer testified during an unnamed legal disposition that she was not guilty of the charges she pled to before Judge Caputo. The DA says “That said testimony as given by said defendant was inconsistent with prior sworn testimony. He calls that “perjury,” and not abiding by the written Rules and Conditions of Probation.
  On September 18th, at 9:24 a.m. Kramer’s attorney, Mark Lyons appeared before Judge Caputo requesting a bond reduction for his incarcerated client. Over the objection of the state represented by Phillip Peak, the judge granted a bond reduction to $10,000.
  Then, it was over to Tulsa County Judge C. Smith’s courtroom, where bond on the separate perjury case was set at $5,000.
  This should have put Kramer in the position to get out of jail after posting 10 percent of the $15,000, but there was another $0 bond placed on her from an “outside” source.


Headline: Double Murder Case Can Proceed In Court With Both Suspects Jailed (Two Images). . Hilliard A. “Hilly” Fulgham II, 45, as reported in Tulsa’s Star’s August 2013 edition, was a prisoner of the Mississippi State Department of Corrections when his former girlfriend, Jacqueline “Jackie” Octavia Smith was taken into custody in Louisiana. Both are suspects in the 2006 double homicide of Linda Louise Wright and Dorothy Lindley.
  Tulsa County Judge Clark had issued warrants for their arrests on June 24th.
  Smith was brought back to Tulsa and incarcerated at David Moss a short time after she was captured in Violet, La. However, it wasn’t until Tuesday, September 17th that Fulgham, the alleged murderer of the two women, was brought back to Oklahoma.
  Fulgham is being held on $0 bond and Smith, held as an accessory to murder, is being held on two $500,000 bonds. She is represented by Stephanie Singer.
  For more information, click onto the August 2013 edition and find the article, “Louisiana Woman Jailed As Accessory To Double South Tulsa 2006 Murders.”




Headline: Tree Trimmer’s Actions With Wayward Youth Gets Him Planted In Tulsa Jail. . (One Image)  A man with a job that involves pruning trees for a well known company, Marvin Maurice Townsend, 58, should have been more vigilant when attempting to pick fruit from one of them before it ripened. Perhaps, the metaphor isn’t the best, but it does denote the reason for Townsend being arrested and tossed into Tulsa Jail February 3, 2013, and held there on $50,000 bond.
  According to papers filed in Tulsa Co. District Court, Two minor children whom the state classified as “runaways” were picked up by Townsend on Saturday afternoon around 4:00 p.m., near 300 East Pine Street. Townsend was behind the wheel of his 2008 blue Ford F-150 pickup.
  The victim would later tell Tulsa Police Detective Murphy that as she sat in the passenger’s seat, Townsend put her hand on her thigh and then maneuvered it to where it touched her vagina on the outside of her underwear. She said that shortly after touching her he asked her to touch his penis.
  The detective also noted that the second passenger and witness corroborated the account by the victim and added, Townsend unzipped his pants when he asked for the girl to touch him.
  Townsend, of 1341 E. 36th St. North, upon his arrest by TPD Officer Barnhart at 3200 N. Hartford, was initially charged  with two additional counts of harboring a runaway, but those charges and the $10,000 bond for each were later dropped.
  On March 25th, Townsend appeared in Tulsa District Court before Judge Gillert. Represented by Tasha Stewart, Townsend entered a plea of not guilty.
  On August 9th, the defendant requested a bond reduction and new representation. Judge Gillert denied the former but for the latter, appointed Stephanie Singer and Brian Rayl. His case was then passed to October 21st.



Headline: Rapist Gets Comfy With Victim And She Gets Away (One Image). . It is extremely doubtful that a woman asked by a stranger if she wanted him to drive her home from a gathering at 5:00 a.m., asked that gallant guy if he was a convicted sex offender.
  On Saturday morning, March 30, 2013, the offer was made by Mark Joseph Vossler, 41, a Sand Springs’ Piping company employee, and convicted sex offender, driving a 2005 silver Grand Prix.
  Vossler, who made his home in room #165 at the Interstate Inn, located at I-44 and 49th West Avenue, began what the woman thought was the journey to her home, but instead of staying the course, he pulled up around 1618 N. Sheridan Road.
  At that point, the woman told Tulsa Police Officer R. Johnson, Vossler pulled a knife and pointed it at her while demanding that she disrobe right there. Once she had removed her clothing, the woman said he threatened to kill her unless she performed oral sex on him.
   As the act went on, Vossler raped the victim by instrumentation. Next, he told her to get into the back seat of the Pontiac where he raped her using his penis.
  For more than an hour the woman said Vossler had her under his complete control after he had raped her. Perhaps, he felt she had acquiesced to the situation enough to let his guard down when they neared a Quik Trip convenience store at 220 North Gilcrease Museum Road. That’s where she spotted a Tulsa County Deputy Sheriff and that’s when she bolted from the vehicle seeking his protection.
  Tulsa Police were called while Vossler was held at the QT. He was arrested at 7:30 a.m. and booked into Tulsa Jail 4-½ hours later, charged with first-degree rape, rape by instrumentation, forcible sodomy, kidnapping AFCF, AWDW, and an outstanding misd. bogus check warrant.
  Presently, the defendant, represented by Gregg Graves, is past his preliminary hearing where he was bound over to District Court and Judge Glassco.
  Additional charges of anal digital rape and anal rape were added. On July 22nd, he stood mute when asked how he pleads. Judge Glassco entered a not guilty plea on his behalf and scheduled a jury trial for January 6, 2014.



Headline: Dad Takes Over Daughter’s Family And Makes Them His Sex Objects (Two Images). . Marty Brooks, whom his daughter Lachelle Brooks says molested her at age 14 is in serious trouble with the law for what her eleven-year-old daughter, whom we’ll call Harriet, says she allowed Grandpa Marty to do to her.
  But, first things first. According to the Tulsa Police Detective who is the affiant in this highly bizarre case of  inter-generational incest,  who created a timeline of Marty Brooks’ jail and prison stints, the rape of Lachelle Brooks would have begun after he was released from prison.
  According to the “jail time” timeline, Brooks was charged in Okmulgee County in 1992 with rape, first-degree burglary, A&BWDW, forcible sodomy and rape by instrumentation. Of the 10-year sentence handed him in that case, Brooks was back on the street after serving nearly six years.
  His release from prison coincided with Lachelle’s claim that her dad began forcing her to have sexual intercourse with him in her early teens.
  Then, Lachelle told investigators, Marty disappeared from her life for several years. That is, until she asked her brother to help her move from an apartment. She said when the brother showed up, there was her dad.
  Lachelle said at point Marty inserted himself in her life and said that from then on, he’s going to live with her.
  Over the past three years Lachelle said Marty has lived with her in two apartment complexes, the Summerstone at 1801 S. 132nd East Avenue and the infamous Fairmont Terrace at 1111 E. 60th Street.
  Lachelle told the investigators, matter-of-factly, that it wasn’t long after her dad moved in he began to be very controlling as to how she lived. Not as a father would, but as a man whom she overheard telling neighbors in the apartment complex that he was his daughter’s “husband.”
  She said Marty continued to have his way with her sexually and would become agitated, angry, and violent with her when she tried to avoid his advances towards her.
  Lachelle said it was for the sake of her children - Marty’s grandchildren, that she gave into her dad’s demand for sex. She said when she cried for hours after those encounters, Marty would tell her to quit it because, “You know you wanted it.”

  While her dad was out of her life she managed to have three children while in a relationship. Since Marty has been back in her life she has had a daughter, whom we’ll call Angel, who is now two-years-old, and one on the way. Marty, she told detectives, is the father of both children.
  Lachelle said the hands of time are catching up with her in regards to her eleven-year-old nearing the  age when Marty started taking an interest in her sexuality. She said his abuse has now got her reaching out for help to get away from him.
  She said she would have come for help sooner, but because of Marty’s tight control on her life and the threats he made involving hurting her children or having them taken away by the state, or by him were the primary reasons for her staying put and remaining silent. She said Marty had control of her monetarily, but especially, mentally.
  Prior to her coming forward to talk to police Lachelle said she sat her children down in early October to discuss Grandpa Marty. . . To talk about how he had sexually abused her. That’s when, she said, Harriet told me that her grandfather had made her promise not to tell that he had held her down and “licked her down there.” She said Marty made her place her mouth on his penis, and told her to start masturbating so she’d like it more as she became older.
  Lachelle said Harriet went on to say that Grandpa Marty threatened to hurt her mom if she told what he had done. She said Marty said, “we’d all be in big trouble.”
  Lachelle said she knew at that point it was time to distance herself and her children from Marty and to get police involved, having learned from Harriet that Marty Grandpa had been sexually abusing Harriet for three years, beginning in October 2009 and lasting until Lachelle‘s “discovery“ in October, 2012.
  Investigators wasted no time in getting Harriet over to the Justice Center at 2800 South Sheridan Road for a forensic interview with Melissa Ganz.
  Ganz told investigators following her initial visit with Harriet, that she “was extremely upset and shut down, not wanting to speak” during the interview. Harriet told Ganz she knew she was there to talk about Marty Grandpa. When asked about her grandfather, Ganz said Harriet became “very sullen and quiet, looking at the ground and was visibly shaken with tears in her eyes.”
  Eventually, during the initial interview, Harriet did tell Ganz that Marty placed his penis on the skin of her vagina.

  Following that first interview with Harriet, officials moved to have her and her siblings removed from Lachelle’s custody and placed in foster care.
  Since being in a foster home, Harriet has opened up to her foster mother, Amy, and revealed that, indeed, Lachelle knew long ago what here father was doing to her. Harriet said after each incident occurred involving either of them, they’d console each other. She told Amy that Lachelle told her each time Marty did something to her, and something that must have stunned the little girl. . . That the baby sister whom she watched and cared for when Lachelle rejected or ignored her needs, was not just her baby sister, Angel, but she was also Marty Grandpa’s daughter - her aunt.
  During those talks with the eleven year-old, Amy learned that Marty made her watch pornography with him, made her touch his penis, and would saunter into the bathroom when she was bathing.
  Harriet said Marty would leave the home, but Lachelle would let him back in because she felt sorry for him.
  At one point, the little girl told Amy that the situation had become so unbearable in the home that she wanted to kill herself and Angel.
  Amy told investigators in January that Harriet “is a broken little girl.”
  All of the inside information Harriet gave Amy must have weighed heavily on her young mind, as she came back to Amy, telling her that Lachelle really didn’t know what Marty Grandpa had done to her until they moved in with Grandma Holt in Bixby back in October, 2012.
  Tulsa County Judge Youll issued two arrest warrants in late February. The first was for Marty Perry Brooks at 4222 S. 109th East Ave., charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a minor under age 12, and for Lachelle Brooks, charged with one count of permitting child sexual abuse. All counts carried a bond of $50,000. Marty was booked into Tulsa Jail on February 19th.
  On April 17th, the day the “couple” was bound over to Tulsa District Judge Glassco’s courtroom for arraignment, three more counts of sexual abuse of a minor under age 12 were added to Marty’s list of felonies. He was also ordered held without bond.  On August 1st, Lachelle, not in custody, waived her right to a jury trial. On August 29th, Lachelle said she did not want the court appointed defender and would get her own defense attorney. On August 29th, Lachelle was taken into custody and held on $0 bond, having still not found her own representation. On that date the court appointed April Seibert to represent her. On September 9th, a jury trial was scheduled for Lachelle on February 24, 2014.
  Marty Brooks trial date was slated for September 16, 2013.




Headline: A Better Name For This Building And Its Concept Than Generation Of Destiny Could Never Be Found (four Inages). . In 2004 and 2006 a north Tulsa Church and its leader, Bishop Harold Jones, told a community rapidly losing its youth to the wicked streets via drugs, guns and general mayhem that this expansive building, a former flourishing chain food center that had long since boarded up its windows and doors, could be a savior of the community’s wayward youth.
 The grocery store housed in this building at 46th Street North and Peoria Avenue, was a victim of an ever decreasing customer base living on dwindling personal revenues amid a community overwhelmed by powerful drugs and drug thugs, bent on taking the last dollar and the last food stamp from legitimate avenues of commerce and redistributing them among the gang culture.
  Bishop Jones through his Harold Jones Ministries and his church, Full Gospel Family Outreach was able to capture nearly $500,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds awarded the City of Tulsa by the federal government to disburse among organizations with plans that would have favorable outcomes for the citizenry.
  The Generation of Destiny Community Center was Jones’ concept. It was his contention that a community center placed at this location would be an easily accessible point for the community’s youth, amid several locations administered by the City for similar purposes; but remodeling the store would also keep the building from becoming just another dilapidated eyesore in north Tulsa.
  Jones did not play the CDBG game by the rules and the City didn’t call him on it until the feds decided to get their money back.

  Although no one to our knowledge has stepped forward and said so, the rash of community center closings in north Tulsa parks and recreation centers as a part of Mayor Dewey Bartlett’s austerity measures, Tulsa’s Star suspects, was a direct result of the City having to repay the federal government the funds squandered by Jones when he prematurely mortgaged the un-remodeled youth center; using the funds to build himself a sprawling new church on the southeast corner of 56th Street North at “Martin Luther King Drive.”
  Even this, Jones’ new temple construction project, was halted midway, leaving only a shell of a building that became city property - surrounded by razor-wire, as a result of the CDBG fiasco.
  Jones created for the city nearly a generation ago, a building that boldly proclaims across its boarded up façade that it exists for a Generation of Destiny.
  More than two complete classes of McLain High School students en route to their classes  have walked or ridden past the structure that exudes a sense of hopelessness.
  Having not been used a single day over its nearly 10 years of existence, the building has stood as a witness to dozens of youth being killed or injured by street violence who might have grown up to fulfill a destiny of giving back to the community; had the building and the true concept of its existence been opened up to receive them.

Headline: Merchants Of Death Busted Trafficking Meth And PCP (Part II of Generation of Destiny). . The Tulsa County DA’s Office filed charges August 19th in Tulsa District Court against Cornell Leroy Avington and Richard Douglas Harrison for allegedly trafficking two powerful street drugs, Methamphetamine (meth) and Phencyclidine (PCP) and having in their possession more than 20 grams of each.
  The suspects were stopped by Tulsa Police near 500 West Edison Avenue at about 5 p.m. on August 13th as they rode in a white 1994 Ford Crown Victoria with a paper license tag that was eventually towed from that location.
  Avington, who listed his address as 300 N. Denver Avenue (five blocks from Tulsa County Jail), in addition to being charged with trafficking and possession of a firearm AFCF, was cited for making an improper left turn and later, having no DL.
  Avington refused to give arresting officers information about his employment or phone number prior to his bond being enhanced by Tulsa County Judge Youll to the amount of $500,000, which was made shortly after he was booked.
  Harrison, aka Lnam Brown, was more forthcoming with information on his arrest report, telling the officers his mother’s name and that he was employed at the Admiral and Sheridan Road Subway. He was charged with trafficking meth and PCP, and with possession of a firearm AFCF.
  Harrison, who listed his home address as 441 E. Latimer Place, remains in Tulsa Jail with a bond of $210,000.

  On September 10th Avington was once again behind bars. This time he was arrested for driving under suspension (DUS), no insurance, and felony eluding. Avington's bonds now total nearly one million dollars.



Headline: Armed Robbery Of Mother And Daughter Lands Two Of Three Suspects In Tulsa Jail (Two Images).
. The name Almetris
Brelesiana Hill, might at first glance possibly be the appellation of an operatic singer or a dancer of ballet, but it seems misplaced on a 20-year-old accused of taking the purses of two defenseless women at gunpoint, with her boys watching her back.
  On September 18, 2012, Hill, working in concert with Markis Johnson and James Jones, robbed Jamie S. Vang and Ker Vue Vang at gunpoint, threatening to do them great bodily harm, according to the District Attorney’s initial filing of the case on December 5, 2012.
  Hill is also charged with knowingly concealing and receiving the Vang’s stolen credit card.
  The crimes occurred at the Vang’s place of business called Family Plaza Laundry, located at 2012 S.  129th East Avenue.
  Jamie had driven to the laundry that evening to await her mother’s closing of the business, something she did quite often. She’d then drive her home. As she sat in her vehicle waiting for Ker Vue Vang to finish up, a gold Chevrolet Malibu pulled up behind her, blocking her vehicle before Hill, brandishing a handgun, swooped in on the women and grabbed their belongings.
  Hill, of 1725 S. Memorial, was arrested in connection with the Vang robbery on a warrant issued December 5th.
  On the fast track to justice, Hill, represented by Scott Goode, waived her right to a preliminary hearing. She was bound over to Tulsa District Court Judge Glassco’s court for arraignment slated for September 16th.
  Markis Marcel Johnson, 24, the third member of this felonious trio has a warrant out for his arrest that carries with it a $50,000 bond. He remains at large. James Eddie Jones, 21, (appears twice on the August blotter and as a Pump Pirate), was booked into Tulsa Jail on August 27th. His bond on this case is set at $50,000



Headline: $600 Bill Payment Made At North Tulsa Center Used As Getaway Funds For Disgruntled Employee (Two Images). . Jaquia Nicole Verner wasted no time in getting her vacation time started from her job at the SPC Payment Center, tucked in between a men’s clothing store and beauty shop at 736 East 36th Street North. The structure was first built as a Goodyear tire store and service center that remained at that location until the late 1970s.
  According to court records, Verner arrived at the payment center to begin her day as a cashier at 8:48 a.m. on April 18, 2012.
She drew her cash drawer and the $100 bank that went in it to place in her register to make change for customers throughout the day. However, Verner didn’t have to wait long to have enough funds to call it a day - and to call the owner, Anthony Pleas Thompson, to tell him she wasn’t working there no more.
  A customer had arrived three minutes after she had set up shop and made a $600 cash transaction. Verner notified Thompson via phone that she had left the building 17 minutes after she had the wad of cash in hand.
  When Thompson arrived at his business, he discovered Verner’s register was short $600. He called his former employee who informed him that she had no knowledge of any missing money.
  On November 27, 2012 the DA’s Office filed an embezzlement charge against Jaquia. However it would not be until August 9, 2013 that Verner would be taken into custody and booked into Tulsa Jail. She was initially arrested for with destroying property valued at more than $2500 and assault & battery. The embezzlement warrant was still outstanding at the time of her arrest.
  The authorities now had Verner on two cases. The newer charges stemmed from what she did to the garage door belonging to Barry Paul Wright two days before her arrest, and what she did more than $1000 in damages to the with - a vehicle belonging to Tamia Smith that did more than a $1000 in damages. And, the deep bite marks she allegedly put on Tamia Smith that got her charged with assault and battery.
  The bond posted on August 12th to cover the embezzlement was transferred by the court to also cover the bonds on the property damage and A&B charges. Arraignment for both cases is slated for October 11th.




Headline:Victim Allegedly Demands $10,000 Payment To Drop Charges Against Armed Robbers (Two Images).
. On Wednesday,
June 27, 2012 at about 8:40 p.m., Yoris Abdul Muhammad was returning to his apartment complex near 1365 E. 63rd Street. He had spent the last few hours at a Starbucks using his laptop to get on the internet via the coffee shop’s free Wi-Fi. The sun at that time was still hanging in the summer sky, as the summer was just six days old.
  Suddenly, from out of nowhere, appeared four youths. One asked Muhammad if he had been using the Wi-Fi at the coffee house, to which he responded, “Yes.”
  “Hey,” said one of the four. ‘We got Wi-Fi and you’re free to use it. Come with us.’
  According to the Tulsa Police affidavit, Muhammad followed the group; not to an apartment, but to a nearby alley where one of the suspects drew a silver handgun, pointed it at Muhammad and demanded that he drop his backpack and go.
  Muhammad wasted no time in fleeing the area, leaving his backpack with his silver laptop computer, a USB flash drive, and a copy of a book entitled, “Mars and Venus in the bedroom.”  
  Two days following the robbery of Muhammad, Kentrell Arnell Williams, 19, of 7320 S. St. Louis Ave. was taken into custody in connection with the armed robbery by Tulsa Police Officer Griffith and booked into Tulsa Jail on a $50,000 bond.
  Then came Breland Lamel Williams, 22, the second of the four suspects in the robbery, whose case was filed by the DA’s Office on August 21, 2012.
  But not so fast, says Public defender Brian Rayl, assigned to defend Breland Williams of 4680 N. Main Street. In a brief filed April 4, 2013, Rayl contends that Tyrone Williams will testify under oath that Breland Willams was with him at the time of the robbery and could not have possibly been at the crime scene.
  Another witness, Diedre Robinson, will testify that Muhammad told her personally, in front of corroborating witnesses Linda Maxwell and Calvin Matobela, that Breland was not involved in the robbery.
  She went on to say that she met with Muhammad following the December 10th preliminary hearing and that he (the victim) said he would have the case dismissed if she would pay him $10,000.
  Robinson, in a letter to Tulsa District Court Judge Gillert’s court dated November 27, 2012 and filed November 28th, said they had arrested the wrong man. She said when Breland was arrested in October, he was riding in someone’s vehicle that was stopped by a Tulsa Police officer. “He didn’t have no idea that he was going to jail on an armed robbery charge. . .You all have the wrong person in jail. The persons that did this was Kentrell Williams and Marcus Brice. He’s dead now. He died in September.”
Editor’s Note: Brice was stabbed to death September 13, 2012 when he and a group he was walking with on North Sheridan Road were accosted by an individual. The people who were with Brice scattered and he was left for dead in the middle of the street.
  Robinson went on to say the reason Kentrell put Breland in the mix was because he felt that Breland had snitched on him and Marcus, and Breland did not go to jail when Kentrell did. . .
  The case is slowing winding its way to its Tulsa District Court resolution. A jury trial issue (JTI) had been scheduled for August 12th, but has since been passed to November 19th - the day after Kentrell Williams’ 20th birthday. He is represented by MJ Denman.




                                                                             Chain Pull - Prisoners Set For Transport To DOC Facilities               


Headline: No Show For Drug Testing May Have Stiffened Casey’s Sentence (one Image). . The District Attorney’s Office filed charges against Tonya Michelle Casey, 26, and Sierra Fay Wiley, 23, on January 29th, alleging that the duo acted in concert to steal merchandise belonging to Kohl’s Department Store in excess of $500 six days earlier.
  Both women were taken into custody at the store, located at 11011 E. 71st Street by Tulsa Police Officer Walton.
  The initial filing also alleged that Casey knowingly received and concealed stolen property (KCSP) consisting of a social security card, a W-2 form, and an Oklahoma DL belonging to Brittney Goodwin.
  Having previously waived her right to trials, Casey, of 5565 E. 47th Place (Highland Park Apartments), appeared before Tulsa District Court Judge Gillert on August 16th for formal sentencing.
  The judge, with an e-mail in hand sent him by the Pardon and Parole Board regarding Casey being a “no show” for drug testing, rendered his verdict. Casey, represented by Stephanie Singer, is to serve one year in DOC custody for count one (grand larceny) and five years for count two. Each sentence carries a $600 fine, a $150 victims’ compensation assessment and court costs.
  Having been out on bond prior to sentencing, Casey was remanded to Tulsa Jail. The state in this matter was represented by Nalani Ching.
  A bench warrant was issued for the arrest of Sierra Wiley for grand/petit larceny, carrying a bond of $9000.


Headline: Jury Hands Bryant 99 Year Prison Sentence For Lewd Molestation (One Image). . Johnny Kash Bryant Sr., 49, who has been incarcerated at David Moss since January 26, 2012, charged with lewd molestation. His bond was set at the time of his arrest on a warrant at $50,000. The crime occurred on November 7, 2011.
  Represented by Angela Bonilla and Dustin Allen, the defendant’s case was presented before a jury. After hearing a total of six witnesses, the jury, on June 20th, returned with a verdict that compelled the judge to sentence the defendant to 99 years in DOC custody.
  Tulsa District Court Judge Glassco followed the jury’s ruling and on August 12th, added a fine of $10,000, assessed $2000 to pay for his representation, credited him with time served and earned, and reminded him that if he is released, he must register as a sex offender. Travis Horton represented the state in this matter.


Headline: Harris To Serve Four For Fighting Lawmen At Comanche (One Image). .  With two counts of A&B on Tulsa Police Officers AFCF and public intoxication, the odds were slim that Kenneth D. Harris, 27, would be let go by Tulsa County Court Judge C. Smith with just a mild slap on the wrist. The crimes occurred on June 20th in the Comanche Park Apartments, 3800 N. Quaker at 6:20 a.m. Harris lists his address as 13013 E. 16th Place.
  The arresting officer, B. Wilson, loaded the defendant up with additional charges. . . four counts of domestic A&B in the presence of minors, possession of MJ, and attempted escape from arrest.
  In court, however, Harris, who stands 5’ 9” tall and weighs 130 lbs, represented by Dustin Allen, entered a plea of guilty after waiving his right to a preliminary hearing and trials. The judge sentenced him to two concurrent four-year DOC terms for assaulting the officers, a total of $1050 in fines, a total of $500 for victims’ compensation assessment (VCA), $200 for the court fund, court costs, and restitution. The state in this matter was represented by Tom Sawyer.





                                      Where Are They Now? What Part Of The Criminal Justice System Are The Convicted In Now?



Headline: Trip Back Before Tulsa Judge Gets Convicted Murderer A Reduced Sentence (one Image). . The trip back to Tulsa on August 26th was well worth it for convicted murderer Deangelo Smith. Not in monetary terms , but in having several years shaved off of his life plus 20 consecutive years sentenced imposed on June 26th in Tulsa District Court by Judge Glassco.
  Smith, initially represented by David Phillips, had entered a plea of guilty to charges of first-degree murder, for the shooting and home burglary of Michael Lee Joseph Ross on July 26, 2011 at Ross’ home located in the 4300 block of East Oklahoma Street. Ross was pronounced DOA at a local hospital.
  Smith maintained early on in the case that he had a partner in this crime that had been planned to rob Ross of his drugs and money. The alleged co conspirator, Daniel Dewayne Hartman, was initially charged as such, but investigators were able to corroborate his claim that he had left the crime scene long before it had become one; and charges were dismissed by the state.
  Upon his return to Tulsa on August 20th from his cell at Lexington Assessment and Reception Center in Lexington, Smith, 24, now represented by Brian Martin, requested on August 26th that Judge Glassco modify the sentence Smith had been given exactly two months earlier.
  Judge Glassco changed the sentence to allow the 20 years he had given Smith to run concurrently  with the life sentence. Life, in most instances is 38 years.



Headline: Walgreens Armed Robbers Guilty With One In Prison One Awaiting Chain Pull And The Third Awaiting Sentencing (Three Images). .Of the five defendants connected with the April 7, 2012 armed robbery of the Pine Street and Lewis Avenue Walgreens, only one of them, Mahogany Block, 20, the alleged planner of the robbery and getaway-car driver, has not been completely adjudicated.
  Xavier Hilton, the last of the three males to be taken into custody for the crime was the first to enter a guilty plea to the charge of robbery with a firearm. Represented by David Phillips, Hilton, 20, stood before Tulsa District Court Kellough on April 15, 2013 and waived his right to trials before entering his plea, which the judge accepted and promptly sentenced the defendant on count one - conspiracy to commit robbery (10 years) and count two - robbery with a firearm (11 years) behind bars. He was also handed a total of $1200 in fines, $300 for victims’ compensation assessment (VCA). Hilton was credited with time served and earned and the two sentences are to run concurrently. Erik Grayless represented the state on this facet of the case.
  Hilton entered OKC Community Correctional Center on June 6, 2013. His sentence is set to run until January 9, 2024. However, he is scheduled for a parole hearing in May of 2022.
  Joshua Dailey, 20, who escaped immediate capture following the robbery, but who was apprehended by a Tulsa Police SWAT team after making hostages of a family in their mobile home where he attempted to hide, told investigators he did not enter Walgreens.
  Dailey said Charles Dewayne Thomas, 21, and Hilton were the two who entered the store brandishing handguns and committed the actual armed robbery.
  Thomas, captured shortly after the robbery, was next to appear before Judge Kellough. Represented by Kirsten Bernhardt, the defendant waived his right to trials on August 8th, and entered a guilty plea, which the judge accepted and immediately sentenced him on count one to (10 years in DOC custody, with 9 months probation). Count two was dismissed by the state, represented by James Pfeffer.
  Thomas, credited with time served and earned, was also fined $600 and assessed $150 for victims’ compensation.
  Dailey, who racked up the most charges when adding the hostage fiasco to the armed robbery and conspiracy case, is scheduled to be sentenced on October 7th, pending a pre-sentencing investigation. He entered guilty pleas to counts one and two and pled no contest to four charges he racked up when he took the Greggory Brooks family hostage. Those were:  two counts of feloniously pointing a deadly weapon, kidnapping and first-degree burglary.
  The fifth suspect in the robbery, Donarayesha Tibbs, was a minor at the time of the robbery and although arrested and initially filed as a defendant, was not subject to these proceedings. Editor’s Note: See Tibbs latest arrest on in September Edition’s August 30, 2013 Police Blotter.


Headline: White Sentenced To Prison Term For Strong Armed Robbery Of Elderly Woman Outside North Pointe Bank Of America (One Image). .Brionna Janea White, 19, whom readers may recalled was featured in an article in the May 2013 edition, for her dogged determination to pry the purse from the hands of its elderly owner, Mildred Wheat, and Wheat’s determination to hold onto it.
  White, after scuffling with Wheat for the purse noticed that the money she was attempting to steal from Wheat, whom she had helped at the North Pointe branch of the Bank of America‘s ATM, was tightly clinched in one of her hands. White pried the money from the victim’s fingers and the scurried away, leaving Wheat sprawled on the ground in front of the business center.
On June 25, 2013, White, represented by Sharon Holmes, appeared before Tulsa District Court Judge Caputo for sentencing, having in a previous appearance waived her right to trials and entered a (blind) plea of guilty.
  The judge, with a copy of White’s pre-sentencing investigation report (PSI) in hand, sentenced the defendant to eleven years under DOC supervision with the first seven to be spent inside prison walls and four years suspended. Brionna was fined $500, $250 for VCA, $250 for the PSI, with restitution reserved. She was also advised that the crime she perpetrated calls for her to serve at least 85% of her sentence.



Headline: Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs And Alcohol Caused Crash Resulting In Death Of Amanda Perez And Prison Term For Stormey Jordan (One Image). .Stormey Jordan, 26, whom readers may recall from the June 2013 edition, sped up and down the streets and boulevards of Tulsa, prosecutors said, while high on cocktails of various illegal prescription medications and alcohol.
However, as the article pointed out, the 1993 Mazda’s high-impact encounter with a tree while he was high on drugs and behind the wheel speeding in east Tulsa, resulted in the death of his passenger, girlfriend Amanda Kay Perez, 31.
  In Tulsa District Court Jordan faced charges of 1st-degree manslaughter, DUS and no insurance, the defendant, represented by James Linger, entered a guilty plea to the charges before Tulsa District Court Judge Kellough.
  The judge accepted the guilty plea and promptly sentenced the defendant to 10 years in DOC custody on count one, with five years to be served behind bars and five years suspended. Jordan was fined a total of $360 and $125 VCA. Jordan was credited with time served and earned and the sentences are to run concurrent with two previous misdemeanor cases.
  The state in this matter was represented by Erik Grayless.


Headline: Dandridge Leaves Harp For Reunion At Armed Robbery Trial (One Image). . Stanley Leong “Three” Dandridge, 21, was back in Tulsa, at least for a while. He had since 6/19/13 been serving a six-year sentence at Joseph Harp Correctional Facility for second-degree burglary, with 3 years deferred. The crime occurred on October 13, 2010, and the defendant, represented by Brian Rayl before Tulsa District Court Judge Gillert, was convicted on January 31, 2013.
  On September 16th Dandridge, now represented by Bliss Lowe, was to appear in the courtroom of Tulsa District Judge Caputo to face armed robbery charges, stemming from a case he shares with Markedrik Delmar “Milk” Wilson, aka Mark Wilson, aka Randall Dajuan Liggins, and Henry Lee “H-7” Harris Jr., 21, that occurred on June 29, 2012. In that case, the home of Rev. Kenneth Brooks was invaded and Brooks was wounded.
  Tulsa’s Star carried an extensive article about the case in our October 2012 edition under the headline: “Suspect Beats Ex-Girlfriend In Front Of Son. . “ At the time of the article’s appearance, Harris had not been taken into custody.
  In that case, the three actors, accompanied by 17-year-old Sha’vell Hawkins, (9/9/95), robbed Crisshone Renay Wells in front of her home, taking money, purse and cell phone. Wilson used his and Hawkins’ grandmother - Palestine Hawkins’ automobile to pull off the armed robbery.
  Sha’vell Monique Hawkins, a material witness in the Wells’ case, who had early in the police investigation of this case, omitted that Wilson was her brother. That information wasn’t forthcoming until she became a material witness in another armed robbery/SWIK case involving Wilson.
  Wells is the daughter-in-law of Wanda J’s Restaurants’ owner Wanda Jacobs. The robbers went to the home with the intent of robbing Wells’ husband, Tyrone Walker, manager of Wanda J’s of Broken Arrow.




                                                                  Tulsa County Crime Time - Felony Crimes County-Wide



Headline: Adopted Girls Easy Prey For Adopting Daddy (One Image).
. The three counts
of child sexual abuse (two counts under age 12) filed by the District Attorney’s Office July 19th is yet another case where the villain wears a different kind of mask when sexually assaulting the very young in their charge. In this case, the accused is the adopted father of those sexually exploited. The crimes occurred in Sand Springs.
  On March 20, 2013, Jamie Eckfeldt, the wife of Michael Wayne Eckfeldt, (11/17/76) was told by her adopted daughters, whom we’ll call Page, age 12 and Marie, six, that Michael had been, over the course of “some time,” touching them on their private areas.
  Stunned by what the children had told her, Jamie called DHS and the case was quickly assigned to caseworker Aubrey Meeker. Meeker then contacted the Justice Center to set up a forensic interview with both Page and Marie.
  “What’s your dad’s name?” Justice Center interviewer Melissa Gantz asked Page. She responded that his name is Michael.
  Using an anatomically correct diagram for Page to circle parts of her body that her adopted dad touched, she circled the vaginal area on the diagram while responding to Gantz’s questions about her having clothes on when he touched that region (yes) and what that region is called (“gina”). Page told the interviewer that Michael touched her with his hand and would feel around that area.
  “He told me not to tell anybody what he was doing,” Page told Gantz. “Not tell mom or anybody,” she said.
  At the age of six, Marie came to the Justice Center ready to talk. Gantz said she asked the youngster to tell her something about herself, and according to Melissa, Marie said, ‘When I get close to my dad, he tries to touch me.’
  Melissa asked, “Where?” And Marie responded that he touches her where ‘I have to go to the bathroom, at.’ Marie took her pencil and drew a circle around the area on the diagram she called her “pee pee,“ where she said Michael touches her, and added, ‘And it hurts.’ The little girl told Gantz that every time he touched her vagina, ‘He tries to get inside of it,’ adding that he mostly misses because ‘I keep on moving.’
  Marie told the interviewer she tried to tell her mom what Michael was doing, but he would never let her talk.
  As the girls became more comfortable with the interviewer and as her questions became more structured around what they had said early on, it was clear from their responses that Michael had allegedly gone far beyond what has been printed here, thus far. Page did say, however, that the sexual abuse began when she was a third-grader and ended in February of this year. Marie said her dad began touching her inappropriately when she was five years old.
  On July 19, 2013, Tulsa County Judge Youll issued an arrest warrant for Michael Eckfeldt with bonds totaling $150,000. Ten days, later the suspect was booked into Tulsa Jail.




                                                       Police Blotter - Mug-shots Of Lawbreakers, Their Crime, Date Of Booking, etc.
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                                         Headline: Fugitives From Justice Making Their Homes Among The Citizens Of Tulsa County (Eight Images)

Fugitive from Justice August 26, 2013
Richard James Johnson III: 7/18/81, 634 N. 28th W. Ave., Chg: DUI/APC, no DL, speeding, fugitive from justice, wanted by New York P&P Board.
Fugitive from Justice August 26, 2013
Nikia Ann Todd: 12/25/85, 7526 E. 21st, Chg: Speeding in school zone, no DL, no ins, fugitive from justice, wanted in Jasper Co., MO.
Fugitive from Justice August 26, 2013
Michael Lawrence Leffall: 3/04/71, 1313 E. 61st, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Los Angeles, CA.
Fugitive from Justice August 26, 2013
Brandon Lee Fanning: 1/29/85, 1024 E. 66th Pl., #632, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Woodbury Co., Iowa.
Fugitive from Justice August 25, 2013
Heather Irene Keller: 8/4/81, 8338 E. 96th, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted by Arkansas DOC.
Fugitive from Justice August 22, 2013
Demario Ramon Rivers: 6/11/85, 2131 E. 46th, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Dallas Co., TX for burglary.
Fugitive from Justice August 20, 2013
Michael Lynn Rowell: 10/12/67, 145 N. Atlanta Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted by Texas DOC.
Fugitive from Justice August 19, 2013
Freddie Hines: 9/17/80, 1127 S. Wheeling, Chg: Domestic A&B AFCF, fugitive from justice, wanted in Madison Co., Arkansas.



                                         Headline: Fugitives From Justice Making Their Homes Among The Citizens Of Tulsa County (Seven Images)

Fugitive from Justice August 15, 2013
Kunta Bey Muhammad: 11/29/68, 915 N. Denver, Add-on Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted by Arkansas DOC.
Fugitive from Justice Aug. 13, 2013
Jeffery Palmer: 2/5/82, 1503 N. Columbia, Add-on Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Baton Rouge Co., LA.
Cody James Barnard: 11/2/88, 8181 E. 41st, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Jackson Co., Mo.
Fugitive from Justice Aug. 09, 2013
Curtis Le’Nard Whitaker: 1/16/87, 5626 S. Newport #F, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Texas.
Fugitive from Justice Aug. 08, 2013
Nikita N. Leon: 12/2/87, 527 E. 48th St. No., Chg: Five municipal traffic warrants, fugitive from justice, wanted in Cuyahola Co., Ohio/robbery.
Fugitive from Justice Aug. 04, 2013
Falisha Renee Brown: 3/10/78, 323 N. Date, Jenks, Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Miami Co, Kansas.
Fugitive from Justice Aug. 01, 2013
Willie Ray Bennett: 8/5/84, 3106 S. 89th E. Ave., Chg: Fugitive from justice, wanted in Wright Co., Minn., grand larceny.